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Terms & Conditions

Bio3, Lda uses the trademark “Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions”. The current Terms and Conditions listed below bind the relationship between Bio3, Lda. (hereafter Bioinsight) and the expeditionary.

1. Risks & Responsibilities

Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions are more than tourism, they are a participation on real scientific field work, led by top scientists, in a non-controlled environment. As so, risks are part of expeditions and Bioinsight team will make all the efforts to minimize them. Ecological field work is often unpredictable, and flexibility is essential to accomplish with success any survey.

Remember: This is a lifetime experience and good memories are made with the ups and downs of each journey.

The expeditionary, as a participant in an expedition event, acknowledge the following:

​- Outdoor activities in natural areas imply several risks that may result in various types of damages, whether personal or material, with respect to his person and/or to third parties.

​- Such risks cannot be eliminated without compromising the essential characteristics of the expedition. Damage can result from several factors, including falls, exposure to high or low temperatures, animal attacks, insect bites, etc.

​- The expeditions are developed in areas that sometimes are not easily accessible and/or are in lack of any means of communication, so in case of accidents, medical aid may take a while or may not be available at all.

​- Bioinsight personal seek security for all expedition members (including themselves), reducing the risks associated with this kind of activities, but cannot assure the control of factors that are extraneous to them.

Thus, upon registration / reservation, the expeditionary assumes the following undertakings to Bioinsight and for due legal purposes agrees that:

​- I know the program of this expedition, the risks and voluntarily wish to participate;

​- I will respect all rules, guidelines, standards of conduct, and all kinds of recommendations that were given to me by employees of Bioinsight;

​- I have physical and psychological conditions to withstand the stress and risks associated with this program;

- Bioinsight and its employees are not responsible for any inappropriate behaviours of the participants during expeditions or damage they may cause to third parties (participating or not) or the natural environment.


Accordingly, the expeditionary waives any claim for any damages arising from his participation in this expedition regarding Bioinsight and/or its employees.

​Without prejudice to point 1 of the Terms and Conditions, Bioinsight has its own insurance for the activities in question.

2. Reservations

The registration or reservation of any Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions should be performed necessarily in the reservation form available on our website. The expeditionary hereby accepts to pay all the services for which he made his reservation.

The expeditionary’s space on the activity will only be reserved upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit corresponding to 20% of the total value of the expedition for which he signed for.

For each expedition, the deposit amount is publicized in the Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions website ( on the registration form page – identified as “Registration fee”.

When filling the registration form, the expeditionary may choose the following payment options:

Credit / Debit Card

Direct payment platform. The expeditionary must fill in the necessary data and the payment will be automatic.

Manual Payment

Offline payment. After submitting the form, the expeditionary will receive an email from Bioinsight within 72 hours with instructions for payment methods. After receiving the referred email, the expeditionary is required to send the respective proof of payment to the contact email of Bioinsight ( within 48 hours. If Bioinsight doesn't receive the proof of payment in that period, the submitted registration form will not be considered and no reservation will be made.

The Reservation will be valid after written confirmation by Bioinsight.


The expeditionary understands that the maximum number of participants for each expedition is limited. Information regarding the availability of places in any preferred expedition is presented in the reservation page of each expedition. If any given expedition is sold out that information will be displayed on the reservation page and further registrations will be no longer available. The expeditionary may choose to register in other expedition / date with available spaces. ​

3. Final Payment

The expeditionary will receive an email from Bioinsight, 45 days before the expedition date to confirm if it will occur, as it depends on if the minimum number of participants was achieved:

  • If yes, the payment of the remaining 80% of the value of the reserved expedition is due. Therefore, 45 days before the expedition date the expeditionary will also receive an indication to proceed to the final payment of his expedition. All pieces of information will be sent by email and the payment might be done by wire transfer or debit/credit card payment.

In any case, the expeditionary is required to send the respective proof of payment to the contact email of Bioinsight ( within the same period. If Bioinsight doesn't receive the proof of payment in that period, the client´s reservation will be canceled, and a vacancy will open. In this situation, the non-refundable deposit will be retained by Bioinsight.

  • If not, see section 5. Cancellation and refunds

4. Inclusions and exclusions

Bioinsight will provide all the arrangements and services as detailed below from and to the meeting point in the host area. The published contribution does not include travel to and away from the meeting point. It is the responsibility of each participant to make their own way to the meeting point in time for the advertised date and time.

​The published contribution for the expeditionary experience includes all the below, where applicable: ​

  • transfer from the meeting point and return;

  • all accommodation and base camp facilities;

  • all programmed meals and provisions;

  • access to specialist research equipment;

  • access to a first aid kit in each vehicle;

  • all research permit and access fees;

  • the services of local researchers and helpers;

  • the services of the team leaders;

  • insurance for personal accidents and liability;

  • any other services or goods specifically mentioned in the experience dossiers or briefings.

The published contribution does not include the following:​

  • national or international flights;

  • visa and vaccination costs;

  • personal travel & medical insurance;

  • personal costs with beverages (such as alcoholic drinks);

  • telephone calls and internet access;

  • airport taxes;

  • private trips and excursions;

  • anything else not specifically included.

5. Cancellation and refunds

After valid registration and payment, the expeditionary can cancel it anytime (must do so in writing). However, since expeditions are planned many months in advance (with the necessary logistics and charges), all bank deposits are non-refundable, but the expeditionary may choose to transfer the registration to another available expedition. For each original reservation with a deposit, the expeditionary is allowed one free transfer to another expedition. If the cancellation is made within the last 45 days prior to the expedition date and the full amount has been paid, no money is due to the expeditionary, and the full amount will be applied in the Conservation Project.

If 45 days before the expedition date the minimum number of participants is not accomplished, Bioinsight reserves the right to cancel the expedition. In this case, the expeditionary can transfer his registration to other available expedition with no extra charges, or instead, may choose to be refunded. Given this situation, Bioinsight ensures the refund of the total amount of the deposit made during the registration phase (see 2. Reservations).

6. Variation

No variation of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of each of the Parties.


7. Severance

If any term or provision in this Agreement is held to be illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any enactment or rule of law, such term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this Agreement but the enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected.


8. Entire Agreement

This instrument constitutes the entire agreement between Bioinsight and the expeditionary.

9. Applicable Law and Disputes

This Agreement and the obligations undertaken by the Parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Portuguese law.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, or the legal relationships established by this Agreement, shall be submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Lisbon.

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