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What are Bioinsight Scientific Expeditions?

First of all, our Expeditions are no tourism but part of real conservation projects. Our aim is to give people an experience as field biologists, living and working as one, feeling that they have contributed for the project success.Even though biological field work is not always easy, it takes you off the beaten track and let you discover hidden places and breathtaking landscapes. We want to share with everyone the possibility to find and enjoy these sceneries while you learn survey techniques with our expert biologists and have a real contribution in a conservation program.

Besides the biological component of the expedition, our journeys also include an ethnographic element. We work closely with the local population and we want that these expeditions contribute meaningfully for the local economy. So, historical sites, local traditions and regional gastronomy are always an important part of the experience.

Our first expedition gives you the opportunity to work in a project about the Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus) in Northeastern Portugal. Humans always had a love/hate relationship with wolves, leading to partial extinction of the species in some of the more developed countries in the Northern Hemisphere. The Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) was always a stronghold for this carnivore, where human and wolves are bound to live together. In Portugal, the wolf is an endangered species, with around 300 individuals living in the wild. Our project wants to make an update on distribution and number of packs around the Montesinho Natural Park, and on the wolves’ wild preys.

Book now and be part of this effort, discover the amazing landscapes and people of Northeastern Portugal and have a lifetime experience. Learn more at

We are counting on you!

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