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Camera trapping: One of the techniques you’ll experience during Iberian Wolf Scientific Expeditions

Camera trapping (use of camera traps), is a non-invasive method for sampling species of the faunistic community, typically difficult to observe in the field.

This method allows a permanent spatial and temporal monitoring of a target species that occur in a specific study area.

Cameras are placed on a support (usually trees) and positioned in a clearing zone, usually in a bush or a forest area. They are equipped with motion and infrared sensors, which are extremely important in the monitoring of mammals. This allows nocturnal photographs and/or videos without stressing the animal, avoiding their disturbance and revulsion to the equipment, a behavior that could compromise the results.

This is one of the techniques we will use during Iberian Wolf Bioinsight Scientific Expedition to obtain data on the presence and distribution of wild wolves and its prey, and on possible areas of reproduction.

You will learn how to set up camera traps, how to monitor it and how to analyze the results in a team work environment.

We hope you may take incredible shots!

Join our Iberian Wolf's Expedition team – See which of the dates suits you best.

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